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Legend has it

that kefir grains were the manna from heaven that God gave the Israelites in the Exodus. Cheese first gained notoriety back in the day when the Romans filled their leather drinking gourds with milk. It changed to cheese after a few days of marching in the hot desert. And most of the appeal of the *Scoby is that they are surrounded by myth and lore. While we may not be able to prove the origins and legends, the health benefits of these mystical creatures are undeniable.

*Scoby – Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

My interest

in Cultured and Fermented foods began a few years back when I began reading more and more about the link between the brain and the gut. I started on milk kefir and besides the physical relief that I felt, I also experienced feelings of mental clarity, had more energy and felt emotionally brighter.

Remember though,

that a spoonful of kimchi a day does not keep the doctor away. Health and wellness is multi-faceted and your lifestyle should include, exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation and soulful pursuits.

Think again if you believe that these foods taste awful and are boring. Hop on board My Cultured Kitchen train and join me on a journey of health and deliciousness.

About Jeanne

Courageously vulnerable maverick. Made of adventure, brains and all things fine. Excitedly trying to fit in as many life experiences as possible, so that I can regale you with my written ramblings.
Endeavouring to balance a holistic, active lifestyle with a passion for food, wine and chocolate. My kitchen is not only for dancing but also for producing an array of mouth-watering cultured and fermented foods.

I have many strings in my bow and while I cannot sing, I can fiddle a good tune, when it comes to writing, kitchen shenanigans and living an all-round wholesome life. You are welcome to come and walk beside me on my journey.

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