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JLR - May 17, 2018 - 0 comments

Hello Fellow Cultured Fermenters.

For those of you who are busy fermenting, you may well have noticed a slow down of activity. This is because of the colder weather. If you are into instant gratification, then fermenting is not for you. Have a look at my ‘story’ about the importance of patience when it comes to the age-old tradition of fermenting.

My Cultured Kitchen will soon have an official home. I am busy building a fermenting kitchen where I will be doing all of my bubbling and toiling. It is very exciting, as I will also be able to run small workshops from the kitchen. It is also going to become the mothership for producing cultured goodies. On that note, I will soon be including fermented tomato sauce, salsa and relish to my shop as well as delicious fermented lemonade. Look out for the new treats from the end of July onwards. At that stage the online shop will be up and running efficiently and not on a casual basis as it has been doing. I will be doing once a week deliveries to Hermanus, Gansbaai and surrounds. If you live in Stanford then you can collect from me. I am also looking at a same day courier service so that I will hopefully be able to deliver to Cape Town, Somerset West, Stellenbosch etc.


I will be resuming workshops from the end of July onwards. These will include;

  • A workshop geared towards including Cultured and Fermented goods into your children’s eating plan. Think of berry jelly, kefir chocolate spread, kefir or sourdough pancakes and ice lollies.
  • Sourdough bread, kefir cheese, cultured butter and veggie/fruit ferments.
  • The standard ferments such as kefir, jun, veggies, ACV, fruit and more. Also how to use cultures for other applications like, your skin, hair, injuries, compost and your pets.


Don’t forget that I can tailor make a workshop around what you and your mates would like to learn. Just give me spot to do it from. I have quite a few people interested in doing a workshop in Cape Town, so if someone can offer a good venue to do it from then I will be there in a flash (after July).


Later in the year once summer has returned, in conjunction with Goodwill Mountain Farm in Stanford, I will be hosting a ‘breakaway’ weekend. This will include superlative accommodation, a bit of fermenting, wine tasting, an art lesson, all balanced out with yoga, meditation and mountain walks or runs! A time for complete relaxation, gin and ginger beer cocktails around the pool, much laughter and foodie interaction.


I am going to be away for the entire month of June and I am busy preparing all of my cultures for the long rest. They will all get a good feeding before I leave and hopefully enough sustenance to last for a good few weeks. It may take a bit of effort to resuscitate them on my return and hopefully I will have no fatalities.


I will be road tripping around the US and UK in June and have arranged to meet up with fellow fermenters who I have connected with on some of the Facebook forums. Will be great fun and of course informative. The beauty of fermenting is that you can develop your own style and method. There is NO correct way to do it, just guidelines, so I will be very interested to chat to them all.


Remember, that if you need any help or would like to know anything about fermenting, you can email me with pleasure.


Well, that’s all from me. If you would like to follow my travels in June then friend me on Facebook and like my Smart Health’s Cultured Kitchen page


Yours in fermenting and gut health!


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