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Cultured Kitchen JLR - January 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Happy New Year!
Have you set a vision for the year? I like to write a motivation and inspiration in the form of a bio for the year. This portrays who I am and the direction that I hope to be heading in. This is what I came up with – 

I am a courageously vulnerable maverick. Made of adventure, brains and all things fine. I am excitedly trying to fit in as many life experiences as possible whilst treading lightly as I go. Endeavouring to balance a holistic, active lifestyle with a passion for food, wine and chocolate. My kitchen is my happy place and is not only for dancing but also for producing an array of yummy wholesome foods, in the pursuit of health and wellness.

I am transitioning into living a more self-reliant and resilient* lifestyle in the spirit of ‘from the garden to the home’. This involves –

Creating my own food security by growing a fresh bounty in the garden. Using all-round herbs to not only ‘spice’ up culinary delights but to ward off vampires and keep wrinkles at bay. Clucking chickens to add some flavour to the permaculture circle. Bee hives for producing honey and promoting pollination. Baking stone ground sourdough bread served with lashings of cultured butter that feeds our tummy’s and senses.

Harvesting water by all available means.

Generating energy from solar, gas and wood fires with on-grid power only as a backup.

Using the farm roads and mountain passes as a playground in which to run, cycle and work off my kitchen excesses. Kayaking on the many surrounding rivers adds a whole different dimension to toning and overall fitness. Functional strength training can be enjoyed outdoors using props from the surrounding forest.

At sunrise the ‘Secret Garden’ will be for reflection and to glean inspiration for the day ahead. At sunset this magical spot will be for gin and tonic and idle chatter about life, love and everything else. This will also be my writing spot as I begin in earnest with my ramblings – /

I believe in balance and moderation. I frequently visit my four ‘rooms’ of;
· Body – for physical activity and nutrition
· Mind – for mental agility
· Emotions – for greater understanding
· Spirit – for enlightenment.

I vow to do my best as caretaker of this piece of bliss that has been loaned to me for my time on this earth!

I have many strings in my bow and while I cannot sing, I can fiddle a good tune. You are more than welcome to come and walk beside me on my journey!

Please contribute your knowledge, thoughts and expertise in the aim to live a well-rounded life!

*Resilient – adjective
A person able to withstand and thrive in challenging conditions. Strong, tough, hardy…..
Able to spring back – flexible, pliable, supple……..

So as you can see, I am going on a very exciting journey and there will be some changes to My Cultured Kitchen. Starting with the new by-line of  – ‘Creating a Resilient Future.’ This does mean that I will soon be relocating to a new and bigger home and property outside of the Overberg.

If you want to continue eating these yummy and nutritious goodies after I have left, then now is your chance to do a workshop and learn how to do it for yourself. 


These will be the last workshops that I will be doing before my big move. – 

Sourdough bread, kefir bread, kefir cheese and a bonus!
Dates – 9th February
             9th March
Time – 08H30 till approximately 17H00
Venue – Stanford
Details – You will learn to make a sourdough loaf and a loaf of kefir bread. Kefir cheese – hard and soft as well as labneh. A bonus of a choice of Water Kefir or Jun (Kombucha). You can let me know which one you would like to learn about. You will go home with notes, a sourdough starter, applicable grains or scoby and a loaf of bread to bake the next day!
If you are already making kefir and Jun, then please teach us about the flavours and variations that you are making.
Cost – R800 per person. You will be asked to bring along a small plate of snacks for lunch. 
Bookings – Essential if you want to secure a spot as I already have a list of keen bakers. Payment will secure your place.

I will be running pop-up express workshops so keep a look out for these announcements, Perhaps you would like to host one? Choose from Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Jun (Kombucha) or fermented veggies. The pop-ups are about an hour long and you can decide on when and where. The cost is R200 per person. You will get cultures and notes. 

Perhaps you would like to host a more in depth workshop? Let me know what you and your friends would like to learn and we can set a date, time, place and price. 


I will continue to provide Yoghurt and fermented veggies, including vegan kimchi until my departure, on a pre-order basis. In other words you can order direct from me. Once payment is made, if you are close by, you can collect or I will drop off at a central point in Hermanus for you to collect. Let me know what will work the best for you!

Exciting times ahead as I walk this path and diversify – WATCH THIS SPACE!

Happy Fermenting!


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