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Off on a New Adventure I Go!

Cultured Kitchen JLR - April 17, 2019 - 0 comments

Winter certainly has arrived and I guess we cannot be complaining about the glorious rain that is so needed! With the cold days you can expect your ferments to be taking much longer. Remember that you can use a wonderbag or a heated pad such as a microwave beanbag to help your ferments along, especially if you have started making sourdough bread. On the subject of sourdough bread; thanks to all of those who have attended the workshops, they have been great fun and I hope that you are all baking away. With Easter approaching, why not try your hand at sourdough hot cross buns.

Are you still keen to learn about baking sourdough bread? I am available up until the end of May if you would like to host a workshop at your home. Get a bunch of mates together and let’s get our hands doughy together. Anyone in Cape Town who is keen to host a workshop?

Some of you may well know my very exciting news and a bit about the next adventure that I am about to embark on. My partner Stuart and I have bought a small farm in Rheenendal, Knysna. We will be moving during May and June. The farm has a home on it, which we will be renovating. It also has a historic cottage which is going to be converted into My Cultured Kitchen. It is going to be a superlative spot from which to host workshops. Two thirds of the farm is an indigenous forest with streams, ponds and meandering paths. We will be building environment aware cottages in the forest which means that I will be able to run weekend workshops. My thinking is in the line of combining fermenting, primarily sourdough bread, with yoga, meditation, art, cooking, wine and chocolate! A weekend of indulgent bliss!

With this move, My Cultured Kitchen will be taking a different direction, promoting a resilient and sustainable lifestyle. What does this mean?

I am transitioning into living a more self-reliant and resilient* lifestyle in the spirit of ‘from the garden to the home’. This involves –

  • Creating my own food security by growing a fresh bounty in the garden. Using all-round herbs to not only ‘spice’ up culinary delights but to ward off vampires and keep wrinkles at bay. Clucking chickens to add some flavour to the permaculture circle. Bee hives for producing honey and promoting pollination. Baking stone ground sourdough bread served with lashings of cultured butter that feeds our tummy’s and senses.
  • Harvesting water with all available means.
  • Generating energy from solar, gas and wood fires with on-grid power only as a backup.
  • Using the farm roads and mountain passes where I live as a playground in which to run, cycle and work off my kitchen excesses. Kayaking on the many surrounding rivers adds a whole different dimension to toning and overall fitness. Functional strength training can be enjoyed outdoors using props from the surrounding forest.
  • At sunrise the ‘Secret Garden’ on our farm will be for reflection and to glean inspiration for the day ahead. At sunset this magical spot will be for gin and tonic and idle chatter about life, love and everything else. This will also be my writing spot as I begin in earnest with my ramblings
  • I will try to achieve balance and moderation – · Body – for physical activity and nutrition. Mind – for mental agility. Emotions – for greater understanding and Spirit – for enlightenment.

I will vow to do my best as caretaker of this piece of empyrean earth that has been loaned to me for my time on this earth and I will be sharing my adventure with you!

*Resilient – adjective
A person able to withstand and thrive in challenging conditions. Strong, tough, hardy…..
Able to spring back – flexible, pliable, supple……..

And that is my story for today! I hope that you will continue to walk beside me.

See you in the kitchen!

All the best

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