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About Jeanne

I am a courageously vulnerable maverick. Made of adventure, brains and all things fine. I am excitedly trying to fit in as many life experiences as possible so that I can regale you with my written ramblings, whilst treading lightly as I go. Endeavouring to balance a holistic, active lifestyle with a passion for food, wine and chocolate. My kitchen is my happy place and is not only for dancing but also for producing an array of yummy wholesome foods.

I am transitioning into living a self-reliant and resilient lifestyle in the spirit of ‘from the garden to the home’. In so doing I will, create my own food security, become energy efficient and harvest available natural resources while putting them to valuable use.

I strive for balance and moderation and I have four ‘rooms’ that I try and visit on a regular basis. I am not always successful but I nevertheless forge ahead with great vigour.

Body – for physical activity and nutrition

Mind – for mental agility

Emotions – for greater understanding

Spirit – for enlightenment.

I have many strings in my bow and while I cannot sing, I can fiddle a good tune. You are more than welcome to come and walk beside me on my journey!