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My Cultured Kitchen foods and beverages are wild ferments which means that they rely on the environment around them to naturally ferment using cultures. They contain beneficial bacteria and yeasts, are rich in probiotics to boost gut health and mood. These are very powerful little critters and there is a possibility that you may suffer some uncomfortable side effects. This is dependent on your gut health, so If you have never consumed cultured and fermented foods and drinks, it is advisable to start with small quantities and slowly increase over time. Do not start on Cultured and Fermented Foods and Drinks if you are immunosurpressed, suffer from histamine intolerances and are pregnant or breast feeding.

The yeasts and bacteria in the environment that are ‘captured’ by the cultures to ferment foods, are ever changing and dependent on many variables. Therefore, the taste, texture, colour and effervescence of these foods may change. Sediment may occur. Never consume any fermented food if it looks, tastes and smells unpleasant.

Remember these foods are simply that, a food. They are not a medicine and should only be used to complement and enhance a healthy eating plan and lifestyle.

As these foods are made in the traditional fermenting manner, they can be a bit unpredictable, hence the reason that they will not always be available and sometimes may take longer to ferment than planned. Place your orders well in advance and hopefully the bacteria will play along.